Environment, Safety and Grid

Even if Skeiron is still a young company, its founders and partners are very experienced and very well aware of the need for quality assurance and regulatory compliance.  Lead partner QConcepts designs and delivers products that are being used by clients for top tier industrial and (nautic) sports applications.  The team also includes seasoned wind energy experts that are familiar with IEC certification processes and the requirements of both wind turbine clients as well as grid operators and environmental and regulatory stakeholders. For each of the subsequent areas we have a development process in place.


Each wind turbine has an impact on the environment, but wind turbines are one of the few industrial components that have both a positive and a negative impact.  The positive environmental impact being the mitigative effect on climate change. Like with any other wind turbine, we need to study the Skeiron impact in the areas of noise, general visibility, flicker, birds and bats, and other animal life.  For cost reasons, in the early stages of development we will execute such research ourselves using the generally accepted approaches for such studies.  In later stages, just before getting to real production and sales of Skeiron machines, we’ll also assign environment impact studies to independent researchers to verify/falsify earlier outcomes.


Safety is a key element for everything we do. At Skeiron we deal with two important safety domains. The first one is aeronautical safety. Skeiron’s can reach high speeds and therefore we build in and test a number of redundant control layers in our designs.  Tangible redundancy measures are the double autopilot system and the double tether system.  In terms of aeronautical safety we collaborate with other companies that work on airborne wind turbine systems as well as with universities and regulatory  stakeholders.

The second safety domain is electricity. Skeiron machines produce significant amounts of power at voltages of up to 1000 Volts. Our ground layer of electric safety can be found in working with qualified electrical engineers and designing to international safety expectations. Ultimately we want our Skeiron machines to be IEC certified, including electrical safety.


Skeiron machines should bolster distributed energy systems  with their power production, but also with enhancement of power quality and grid stability .  Small grids can be susceptible to power quality disturbances, certainly if supply and demand are volatile. While this is an area where Skeiron is just beginning to explore the exact needs, our strategy is to work closely with local grid companies to determine the best grid interconnection design for our Skeiron machines.