Although Skeiron is purposely designed as an energy generator, it’s ruggedness, redundant control system, ease of use and secure tethered bi-directional data and power transmission capabilities  make it a world class observation platform as well that beats others types of drones in several areas.  Equipped with sensors, cameras or radars of the client’s choice, Skeiron is an all-weather surveillance and control platform that can be used for many purposes.  We recently have had expressions of interest from potential users for the following applications:

  • Law Enforcement applications like 24/7 real-time surveillance of large areas, neighborhood watch. Poaching countermeasures (wild parks). Equipped with smart systems that detect anomalies, an action can be triggered right away.
  • Debris & Rig Monitoring for Seismic Vessels in oil and gas exploration
  • Real Time Synthetic Aperture Radar monitoring of the surroundings
  • Real time ground deformation monitoring using Synthetic Aperture Radar (improving over satellite monitoring every 5-11 days)
  • Incident Intelligence: Estimate the size of calamities. Provides (also in weather when normal drones cannot fly) intelligence about the scene from a distance where emergency services cannot go closer.
  • Infrastructure: monitoring the condition of river dikes. In a situation where water levels are extremely high, SKEIRON can take off, equipped with multi spectral sensors, to monitor the situation. An airborne measurements system could be circling above any ‘hotspots’ to guard numerous parameters related to the state of the dike, such as water level, vegetation, subsidence, movements and saturation.
  • Combined Wide Area Internet Data Hub and wind power plant.